A Hike On The Marsh

A short hike on the marsh with Nalla, Teegan, Morgan and JoJo.

Molly Day 4

Molly on day 4 of chair training.....

Learning to walk off leash next to the chair

Mary and Big Red 1/2 lab 1/2 golden pups

Mary's puppies @ 30 days old.  05.02.19

Teegan and Nalla - Walking Time

Teegan and Nalla taking a little walk.  

Molly Day 1 of Chair Training

Molly's first day of training with the chair.  She's learning basic body awareness all naturally without treats or commands or guidance.  She's a natural at this.  

Molly in heavy traffic

Molly is learning to remain calm despite heavy traffic and loud noises.  She's also mastering her body awareness with the chair.  This is her second day on the chair training.  We've already mastered the off leash heel.  

This is all done with no treats and no commands.  Just a natural flow for Molly to follow along with.