Our canine vision is to produce high quality family Golden Retrievers. We professionally train those Golden's so they will surpass expectations and please all that meet them.  This is achieved through a planned breeding program that selects the best possible qualities for that of a companion field dog, family friend and highly memorable canine relationship.  We want to provide each of our customers with the type of dog that brings happiness, comfort and pride.   

Our goal for every Golden is to have a gentle friendly nature in the home and to possess a bold and attractive run afield.  Golden Retrievers should be intensely "pleasing", naturally honor their owners and be a benefit to their surroundings. 

All of our litters will be registered with the American Kennel Club and shall meet AKC breed standards.

We are proud of our dogs and our reputation as responsible breeders and trainers of pedigreed Golden's.  This responsibility includes a written guarantee against genetic defects and disease.  We will never intentionally breed any dog that has the potential to harm the genetic line of the Golden Retriever breed.  This includes aggressiveness, lack of intelligence and any other characteristic found to be of a negative nature.

We will gladly take back any dog that cannot be kept by the original owner - thus taking responsibility for any Golden we produce. We will rescue any Golden in need and ensure that the dog will find a suitable home.  We are committed to retraining rescued dogs as needed to make the transition into a new home as smooth as possible.  We have been rescuing, breeding and training Golden's since 1985 and continue today.

We provide training for all breeds full time and encourage all dog owners to explore and question our treat less training method that focuses on clear communication, proper bonding and a lifelong devotion to raising the best dog possible.  We welcome feedback and open communication.  We encourage dialogue that will help us become better breeders, trainers and people.  We will work to improve our training methods with the goal of living in harmony and understanding with all dogs.

We believe in God, Country and The Green Bay Packers!


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