7 Day Foundation Training
Our  foundation  package shapes the general behavior of the dog.  Each dog is treated to a personalized program that ensures a turn around.
3 Private Session Puppy Training
The first weeks  with your new puppy is critical  to it's development.  The majority of lifelong problems develop in the first 6 months of a dog's life. 

Our private lessons give you the foundation for proper bonding and attachment with your puppy.

In Home Situational Training
Our in home sessions give you the flexibility to do training in a real world situation.  Door Jumping, door charging, leash walking protective behavior are just some of the issues that can be solved.

Typically we solve 1-2 problems in a 2 hour training.

*prices vary based on location 

Private Lessons at Our Farm
Lessons provided at our farm are private and average 1-2 hours.  Bring the kids or whomever interacts with the dog.  Private lessons are often used as follow up refreshers to our Foundation Training.  Private lessons focus on training the family. 
About Our Farm
Located in Rowley, Ma. on six acres.  We keep the dogs in large horse stalls with friends so they are never alone and never crated or caged.  Typically we have them out 4-5 hours per day depending on the weather and schedule. 

Once the dog becomes a member of our pack they are free to come and go as they please during our free time in an off leash environment.   We use a combination of horse fencing and the Petsafe Wireless Fence system for containment when needed. 

We have children, plenty of dogs and horses to entertain everyone.  We have an extensive network of State Forest trails for exercise.







Leash Training



Social Issues


We provide a farm style environment that helps your dog and your family gain the confidence to succeed.  Our treat less training philosophy is easy for the dog and the family.


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