7 - Day Foundation Training

  The goal of our foundation training is to provide you with a transformed dog that requires little more than maintenance training.  Many of the core issues with dogs simply cannot be fixed with an hour training session every other week.  Additionally - if your in a position where the dog is unbalanced it is unlikely that you have the knowledge or time to correct the problem.  

We teach your dog to behave.  Simple right from wrong rules that are easy for the dog to understand.  We don't complicate the training by mixing in sit, stay come commands.  The dogs do that naturally through proper attachment.

Unlike other extended training programs - we take dogs of all ages, all breeds and all problems.  This is not a military style camp where your dog will be returned as a robot who only listens to one trainer using a handful of treats.  We have a treat less system that returns a family dog who just behaves.   

We provide:

  • A New Method for Bonding - many dogs have a poor or incorrect bond with their family
  • Consistent Rule Enforcement - jumping, biting, barking, recall, humping and all other common issues
  • All Day Training - multiple focused sessions as well as "every time we walk by" training - random training sessions eliminate the classic training complaint of "the dog only performs in class"
  • Commands for stopping negative behavior, praising good behavior and for general activities such as answering the door
  • Neutral Tone Training - escalating tones on the positive and negative scale are used for reinforcement - not for day to day living
  • Balanced Socialization - our training pack is used for positive interaction as well as dog on dog "pack style" training

Puppy / Young Dog Training

 Our puppy training classes are private - at our farm.  The puppy stage is critical in shaping the patterns of the dog.  Our puppy classes are not your run of the mill sit, stay come classes.  Our goal is to shape the foundation of a puppy for long term co-existence.  Although basic leash training is covered - our main goal to teach the rights from the wrongs.   

You'll find that given the correct foundation - the puppy will be become a sponge eager to please.  Our treat less training hardwires a behavior correction tool for the family.   

We help you understand:

  • Proper Bonding and Attachment
  • Respect - what it looks like and it's importance in a dogs life
  • Breed Characteristics - how to train with them and against them
  • Proper Dog Handling - the when, where and why of petting and praise
  • Temperament - important in developing a personality based training style which minimizes the amount of time the family needs to spend training the dog
  • Family Structure  - the importance of the who, what and where of interaction for the family - often times families spend more time tending the dog than the children

In-Home Private Training

Dogs are a creature of habit. Some of the most difficult in-home situations for the family to correct are nothing more than a bad habit for the dog.  We will provide you with the proper confidence and method for solving these issues permanently.

Common in home problems are solved using conditioning, positioning, correction and praise.  Our foundation training is recommended for severe or annoying behavior issues.  We think of it as a problem solving course. 

Our in home training typically run 1-2 hours.

At Our Farm Training

Our on the farm training is a fun environment for the whole family.  We conduct private  lessons - usually as a follow up to our foundation training package. 

If your dog is already well mannered and you just need a little guidance this is the class for you. 

Phone:  Dan @978-504-1582 or Heidi @978-417-9249

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