Your female must be in good health.  We require a general certificate of health from your vet as well as a current Brucellosis screening.  The certificate of health can be a simple statement from the vet confirming the dog is of sound health and up to date on all recommended vaccinations.  The female is not to be exposed to any other Stud Dog for 5 (five) days prior to being breed with our Stud Dog and for the remainder of her "season" in which she is being breed unless mutually agreed upon.

Your female is entitled to 2 (two) breeding dates.  You may choose not to do the second breeding.  Payment for stud services are to be paid upon completion of 1 (one) witnessed "tie".  You will not be charged if the dogs do not complete 1 (one) witnessed "tie". 

If the female stays at our location a charge of $50 per day is added to the cost of the service.  This charge is waived if a "tie" is not witnessed.

If the female dog fails to conceive you may bring the female back for a second breeding within 1 year.  We reserve the right to request an additional veterinary exam prior to the second breeding.

We will provide copies of pedigree, certifications and online photographs of the Stud Dog.  An AKC stud litter approval will be completed by the stud owner after whelping.

If DNA profiling through the AKC is requested or required it will be  completed at the expense of the female dog owner. 

A litter constitutes 2 (two) or more puppies.  If only 1 puppy is born you are entitled to a return breeding within 1 year.

If pick of the litter is considered as the stud fee or part of stud fee, the pick of litter pup(s) must be delivered to the stud dog owner at dam owners expense with Full AKC registration application and medical history when the pup(s) turns 7-8 weeks of age. Pick of litter puppy will be selected by the stud owner within 2 weeks of whelping and no puppies can be sold from the litter before then for first pick option. 

The dam owner will be responsible for any congenital health issues with the puppies.

Documents required in order to be approved for breeding:

1.  Canine Brucellosis screening 
2.  Copy of the female's shot records 
3.  Copy of OFA Hip certification
4.  Copy of AKC registration 
5.  Copy of AKC 3 generation pedigree



Clementine Harris:  Born 04.04.05
AKC Number:   SR28423503 (03.13.06)
DNA Number:   AKC DNA #V577303
Elbow OFA: GR-EL 18760M41-NOPI
Hip OFA: GR-96628G41M-NOPI
CERF Eyes: SR28423503
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Crane's Beach
Crane's Beach:  Born 03.11.12
AKC:   SR72337305
DNA Number:
Elbow OFA:  GR-EL31105M24-VPI
Hip OFA:  GR-110773G24M-VPI
Heart OFA:  GR-CA25707/24M/C-VPI
Eyes OFA:  GR-EYE4553/24M-VPI
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Ursy's Garlic Elixir
Ursy's Garlic Elixer:  Born 03.11.12
AKC:   SR78955512
DNA Number:
Elbow OFA:
Hip OFA: Pending
Eyes OFA: GR-EYE4562/8M-NOPI
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Oak Forest (Chance)
Oak Forest Roach: Born 08.10.10

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