Name: Kenny
Breed:  Lab Mix
Age:  3 yrs
Medical:  Up To Date on All Vaccinations / Fixed / Healthy

Kenny is a 3 yr old Lab Mix that is looking for a new home.  Kenny is a really nice dog but has had a few issues with growling at the food bowl, when attempting to take away bones / toys and being a little territorial when around "his" items.  Kenny has worked with a trainer and responds very well.  He has never bitten anyone but a growl is a growl and needs to be mentioned.  The trainer is available to speak with directly to answer any questions and will work with the new owner to ensure continued success.  When the new owner picks up Kenny the trainer will provide a free training session.  

Kenny needs a little help with leash training but he responds very well with a good handler and with a little patience and training he'd be a perfect walker.  He is not unpleasant to walk but we have high hopes for Kenny to become a perfect no pull walker.  We've just started leash training with him so he knows he's not allowed to pull but grass, chipmunks and distractions will still result in a pull.

Kenny is great with other dogs and would do well in a multi dog setting but is content being a loner as well.  He is currently a one dog family pet.  Kenny is very low key with a calm and collected attitude.  He gets excited with the normal things - like other dogs - but is a very well rounded house dog.    The perfect family would have older children or be a no child family or be willing to work on the aggression issues. 

Kenny is being re-homed primarily because he is too big for our small cape but his aggression issues need to be mentioned.  Our trainer thinks with the proper family they are not a big concern and direct contact with the trainer is encouraged.    

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