Penny RoachBorn 02.25.13

AKC:   SR7833608
Micro: 985 112 000 348 256

Penny is one of the newest additions to our line.  Let's just say I haven't seen her in depression yet.  She's just happy happy happy.  She is the offspring of the legendary Clementine and Nalla and so far shows the best of both worlds.  She enjoys mud, left over turkey and under rotting log exploring.  She makes us miss her -now retired- father.

The one drawback of having happy dogs is that they are terribly hard to take pictures of.  I haven't been able to capture her beautiful head and coat yet but I'll keep working on it.  Her tail in full plumage is one the prettiest I have seen on a Golden.  The picture of her running and smiling fits her personality so well that I guess that could be her only picture and self explanatory. 






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