DOB: 01.25.13

AKC:   SR78220301
OFA Micro:   985112003153521
Heart OFA: GR-CA25709/14F/C-VPI
Eyes OFA: GR-EYE4552/13F-VPI

Naughty's Litters: 07.31.14

Naughty is a very traditional looking light red look with a an intelligent face.  Her mother Lumi, Grandmother Jewel and Grandfather Clem are 3 of the best dogs to ever come through our lives.  All three are still alive with Jewel being a Frithsen, Clem having been best friended by an 83 yr old man and Lumi still trash canning in the barn.

Naughty has an excellent temperament which reminds of the best in her line.  She is super sweet, smart as any dog we've owned and confident enough to lead the group of younger dogs in the barn.  Her mothering skills have been proven now and she seems like she'll turn into one of our most popular dogs.  The old line red Golden is getting harder and harder to find with the influx of Euro Whites so Naughty has been tasked with recreating a great American Red.  

These are not the best pictures of her. It was a very hot summer and we love to photograph the dogs doing what they love....which is getting muddy and hiking and bird dogging around the property.  For Naughty specifically - she loves to find a cool muddy spot in the tall grass and chill out while we work around the farm.  She can be off in her own Never Never Land for hours and not be seen yet be only 10 ft away observing the comings and goings of children and other dogs.  Quite an interesting way for a dog to choose to spend time.  We call it her "Ninja Mode".














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