Nalla Roach:  Born 01.24.09 

AKC:   SR55012703 (04.04.09)
DNA Number:
  053 280 374
Elbow OFA:
Hip OFA: GR-104517G32F-VPI
Avid: 053*280*374

What a dog this Nalla has turned into.  A general purpose K-9 wonder!  My best friend of the dog world.  Heidi's second favorite next to Clem.  Nalla is always around and ready to hunt with anyone willing to take her out.  Uncontainable, sharp as a tack and the most versatile dog I've ever met.  Nalla can be trained to do almost anything.  I think this is the dog stories are written about (with certain literary embellishments of course).

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