July 31st, 2011

What a busy week.  Brooklyn pumped out a litter of 7 which was a surprise in a way.  We had only half heartedly made an attempt at breeding her and then thought it didn't take - next thing ya know - she's prego......  We didn't have a rock solid date on conception either.  We had just moved her into a birthing area that night for no specific reason.  Not really thinking the night was THE night.  Her delivery went well despite the busy weekend and the kids had fun helping  It's always interesting and something new happens each time.  Brooklyn had cut herself in the rear end on something so the blood was concerning of course.  It took me until 4 am to figure out what had happened but in the hours between we weren't sure of what to make of it.  We thought the blood was coming from the delivery - which is not normal - so needless to say - it was a highly monitored event.  All is well that ends well. 


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