January 10, 2011

Today was cold and windy.  It made for a hard time with the dogs because we just wanted to be near the woodstove.  We observe dogs everyday all day yet we rarely sit back and watch for the little things.  Today we watched as Fenway started coming into his own.  We've known Fenway since birth.  He's Clem and Gracie's baby, brother to Hunter and Ahsoka and dog we have been involved with throughout his 1 year of life.  Today I watched as Fenway would mess with Clem and Jessie - our two older studs.  It's like watching your son pick a fight with a bully.  In one sense you want to warn him and protect him but on the other hand you feel proud of his bravery. 

For the last 6 months we've been working with Fenway trying to help him be a strong and proud Golden Retriever.  Ideally Fenway would be 5th in line in our dogs.  An enforcer.  Clem, Nalla, Jessie, Jewel then Fenway and Ahsoka together enforcing the rules of the barn.  It's so fun having young males around.  A welcome relief from the usual group of 11 females and 1 male.  

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